Reading / English Language Arts

Hey, Bailey Bears! Take the 5 Book Dive to keep your brain active this summer! Read anything that you want; it's your choice! Just FIVE books is all you need to maintain your reading levels over the summer, but don't stop there. Read books, read magazines, read online, read your cereal box! Read by the pool (but not in it!), read with a friend, read in the car, read under your bed - just read, read, read!

Want book suggestions? Check out the book suggestions at the 5 Book Dive site!

Both Reading and E/LA follow the curriculum provided by Austin ISD. By having both courses, students will have more time to fully develop reading and writing skills. 

6th Grade

We will be focused on how reading and writing goes hand in hand to help us grow as readers and writers. We will be reading in English class, and we will be working on using excellent reading selections to become better writers and responders to what we read.

The following programs will support students in English:

  • Using the writing process to publish works of fiction and non-fiction.
  • One major writing assignment will be completed each six weeks.
  • The Write Source textbook to improve grammar and writing skills
  • Greek and Latin root study
  • Benchmark assessments
  • Literature analysis through written responses 

7th Grade

 We will be reading a wide variety of non-fiction and fiction texts to develop our comprehension and reading fluency. We will also be analyzing each text deeply through class discussion and various activities. One our most-enjoyed activities are class debates, in which we discuss semi-controversial, but apolitical topics as a class in order to come to a higher understanding. 

In addition to reading, we will learn how to write multi-paragraph persuasive texts that are organized and compelling; write imaginative fictional narratives: and use text evidence to support answers to questions.

8th Grade