Bailey Orchestra Showcase

Welcome to the Bailey Middle School Orchestra Showcase!

A Message from Mr. LaRusch:

The 2020-2021 school year has been different than anyone could have expected. Despite that, we have been working in the background to become better musicians through our daily activities. I am proud of all the students who have participated in Orchestra this year and am excited for what the future holds for them all! This website is dedicated to their hard work and determination. With UIL and Solo & Ensemble canceled like most music events, I wanted to give the students a chance to experience the joy of exploring solo literature. Each soloist selected their own solo to help them grow through music. They spent hours learning each note and rhythm, while working to add expression and feeling to their performance. Not every student decided to be showcased here, but that doesn't mean they weren't working toward the same goals. You will also find recordings of our Winter 'Concert' piece, Jingle Bell Rock, and the Region 18 Orchestra video with three of our members representing Bailey's Best.

Best wishes as we look toward summer and a more 'normal' 2021-2022 school year!!

Mr. LaRusch

Congratulations to student Theresa Linsalata's winning t-shirt design! (Peers voted on her design in a design contest with several entries).

Orchestra T-Shirt