Technology Careers

Tech Ed, as it is often called, will introduce students to the areas of transportation, power and energy, construction, manufacturing, multimedia, video production and bio-related technology. Have you ever wanted to build a rocket from scratch? How about building a CO2 dragster from scratch and racing it against other students? Have you ever wondered how the combustion engine works? In this course students will do all of these things. Students will work on a real lawn mower engine and learn what makes it run. Students will learn to safely work with tools and build things out of wood. Students will walk out of this course with a totally different outlook on life. This course is a preferred prerequisite for Media & Animation Careers and Construction & Manufacturing Careers.

In the Construction and Manufacturing class students will learn to safely use woodworking tools including the drill press, band saw, belt sander, wood turning lathe and several others. Students will do several different wood working projects such as pen turning and picture frame construction. We will build shelves, tool boxes, bird houses and more involving the use of the wood shop. If you like hands on projects, you will love the wood shop!